IPVanish Black Friday

IPVanish Black Friday

Are you looking for IPVanish discount offers? Then what’s better than IPVanish Black Friday deals. 

Most of the popular VPN services offer Black Friday deals in November. So does IPVanish. You can get up to a 70% discount on long-term deals. It is quite an impressive deal since it is one of the best US-based VPN providers. 

In this post, we will let you know about upcoming IPVanish Black Friday deals so you can grab the limited offer before it’s too late. 

Why should I buy IPVanish on Black Friday ? 

Black Friday is a colloquial term that gives a positive boost in sales on Friday in the month of November. It is also known as ‘The Day After Thanksgiving’ in California and other states. Not only that day but most of the offers began from the starting of the month. 

IPVanish also comes with great discounts on Black Friday every year. It also offers exciting offers on other occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Cyber Monday, etc. Usually, IPVanish offers a flat 40% discount on all plans. 

Fortunately, IPVanish announced Black Friday and Cyber Monday that can get you up to 77% OFF on the 2-year plan. So it’s worth waiting for Black Friday as it saves you a lot of money.

Last year IPVanish offered 76% off on yearly plans and additionally offered 250GB SugarSync Cloud. Black Friday is yet to come so wait for what they are going to offer additionally this time. 

How to claim the Black Friday offer? 

To get the Black Friday offer, you must have a valid coupon code with a discounted offer since they offer different deals each year. Old coupons of IPVanish Black Friday will not work as they might be expired. So, keep an eye on the Black Friday sale in the month of November. 

Once you see the offer on the official website of IPVanish, you can copy it on your clipboard. After that, you can follow these steps to claim the Black Friday offer. 

Step 1. Pick the plan that you want to purchase. (select the certain plan for which you’ve copied the coupon code) 

Step 2. Create your account with your email ID and set a password. 

Step 3. Select your payment method and fill up details as required. 

Step 4. Now apply the coupon code that you’ve copied and click on Apply. As soon as you apply the code, you can see the discounted rate below. 

Step 5. Check the renewal terms and click on Subscribe Now. 

This way you can easily claim the Black Friday offer and get the discounted rates. You can apply the coupon code on both VPN and VPN + Backup plans. 

There are also other coupon codes available that work every time on yearly plans. Like if you’re a student, you can go to the Special Discounts section on their official website. Here you can verify your college ID with ID.me. It will help you get a 15% additional discount on each offer. 

How much does IPVanish cost? 

Basically, IPVanish offers two simple pricing plans: Monthly and Yearly. But on some occasions, they also offer quarterly and 2-year plans. Compared to other VPN providers, it is quite affordable. And with the Black Friday offers you can get it at even more low rates. 

1- Month Plan

Standard Price – The basic price of the monthly plan is $10.99 for VPN only. If you want to add Backup space with the monthly play, it will cost you $12.99. In this plan, you will get 500 GB of cloud backup space along with the VPN service. 

Black Friday Offer – On this occasion, you won’t have to pay the same rate. Instead of that, you have to pay only $4.50 for the VPN only. And if you want to include cloud backup with the VPN plan, you have to pay only $5.32

1-Year Plan

Standard Price – If you’re a new user, you can get the 1-year plan for $44.99 at a rate of $3.75/month. After that, you have to pay $89.99 per year. 

You can also get the VPN + Backup plan with $54.99 at $4.58/month. After that, it will cost you $109.99 per year.

Black Friday Offer – With this offer, you can get the same offer at $2.91/month which will cost you only $34.99

2-Year Plan

This plan is not included with the regular plans. It appears only on some special occasions. On this Black Friday offer, you can grab this special offer at a 77% discount. 

If you calculate the two-year price of IPVanish, it goes straight to $144. But with the Black Friday offer, you can get it with $68.88 at the rate of $2.87/month. So make sure you grab the offer when it’s onboard. 

What makes IPVanish stand out? 

There are tons of VPN providers available in the market. All of them are different in some ways. Such as, some might offer better servers, speed, and a lot of locations to choose from, while some may offer better user experience or strong security and privacy. But only a few include all these features with their services and IPVanish is one of them. 

IPVanish follows major VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPSec, and PPTP. Recently, IPVanish added WireGuard VPN protocol which is considered the most secure VPN solution in the industry. IPVanish has a strict zero-log policy that doesn’t store your data or private details. You will also get DNS-Leak protection that keeps your IP address safe whenever the VPN gets disconnected accidentally. 

IPVanish also offers a Split Tunneling feature that helps you unblock Netflix and other live streaming services. With Split Tunneling, you can tunnel your traffic through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) instead of the VPN. 

Conclusion: IPVanish Black Friday Deals

IPVanish has made a standard place among top VPN providers. They prioritize user’s experience and privacy. That’s why they use shared IP addresses instead of dedicated IP addresses that reduce the risk of exposing your privacy. Apart from that, they offer 10 simultaneous connections with one subscription. So you can share with your friends and family. 

Though IPVanish offers an affordable pricing plan to their users. But thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that get you even cheaper rates. It comes in November every year. The coupon codes are only valid till the end of the month. So make sure you claim the offer before it ends. 

IPVanish Black Friday FAQs

1. Does IPVanish support Firestick? 

Yes, IPVanish supports Firestick. To download the app, you must have a Gen2 Firestick (or newer version) or Fire TV. But, IPVanish will not work on First Generation Firestick. It might allow the app to download and install but it won’t work at all.

2. How does the IPVanish Split Tunneling feature work?

Split Tunneling gives you better control over how you channel the traffic through your devices while VPN is still connected. To use the IPVanish Split Tunneling feature, you have to select split tunneling from the settings. Check the apps from the User and System app that you want to tunnel. The selected app will tunnel through your ISP while VPN is still connected.

3. Does IPVanish still work with Netflix? 

You can still use IPVanish to watch geo-restricted content on Netflix. All you have to do is trigger the Split Tunneling feature of IPVanish. First, disconnect the app and select Split Tunneling from the settings. Check Netflix from User Apps for split tunneling. Now, connect the IPVanish VPN and open the Netflix app. This way your selected apps will tunnel through your ISP instead of VPN.

4. Does IPVanish support the WireGuard Protocol?

The new WireGuard Protocol is lightweight and designed for better speed. Since it is an open-source project, it is still under development. For now, WireGuard is available on IPVanish’s beta version.

5. Does IPVanish work with Disney Plus? 

Yes, IPVanish works with Disney Plus. The service allows you to stream US Disney Plus content without any issues. With IPVanish, you can stream Disney Plus on up to 10 devices simultaneously.

6. How can I get IPVanish dedicated IP? 

IPVanish primarily focuses on user’s privacy and dedicated IP can affect your online privacy. That’s why they don’t offer dedicated IP addresses. Instead of that, they offer shared IP addresses that are much safer and affordable.

7. How to claim the money-back guarantee? 

If you’ve purchased IPVanish’s yearly or 2-year plan, you’ll be able to request a full refund. If you aren’t happy with the services, you can request a refund within 30 days of the purchase. You can discontinue the service from the Control Panel and you’ll get your refund within 3 business days.

8. Is there any free trial? 

Unfortunately, IPVanish doesn’t offer a free trial but they do offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with their yearly and 2-year plans. You can try long-term their paid services and if you’re satisfied with services, you can continue. If not, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

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