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Trust zone Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale is now Live [Get up to 74% Off]

Are you searching for Trust Zone Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to grab the maximum discount? 

Well, you have landed on the right page. 

As the name suggests, Trust Zone is a reliable VPN service provider with exceptional security and features. Additionally, you can get this fantastic VPN service with a maximum 74% discount! 

In this article, we have covered all the exclusive Trust Zone deals, which will save you hundreds of dollars and all that by just tapping on our special discount link. 

We have also included a step-by-step guide for purchasing and installation. So, let’s get into the details right away! 

Trust Zone Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals: 

Currently, there is a huge ongoing sale offered by Trust Zone. With the long-term plan, you can save 74%, that’s a hundred dollars! 

The best part about grabbing this exclusive deal is that we have reduced the headache of manually typing the coupon code. All you need to do is click on our special discount link, and you are all set to get the exclusive discount. 

[Trust Zone 1 Month package]  

Trust Zone provides a one-month package for users who are unsure about the long-term usage of their services. This one-month plan allows you to check their services at an affordable price. 

Tap on the link Here to purchase the one-month plan. 

The plan is available at $8.88 per month. It allows three simultaneous connections. However, note that there is no Black Friday offer going on for the monthly plan. You will have to switch to the annual or yearly plan for the Black Friday deal. 

[Trust Zone 2 Years ]

The two years plan provides the maximum discount and is ideal for users looking for a long-term plan. In addition, it is one of the best money-savior options for users looking for a budget-friendly VPN plan. 

The regular plan is priced at $213.12, but with the current deal, you can grab the plan at $55.99, which will cost you $2.33 per month. This means you get a total 74% discount with this exclusive deal. The plan supports unlimited data transfer and five websites simultaneously. 

To grab this limited-time offer, click on the link Here

[Trust Zone 1 Years Package ] 

For users who do not want to purchase the subscription for two years straight and want an affordable option, the one-year plan of Trust Zone will work the best. 

With the ongoing offer, you get a 64% discount on the annual plan. The regular price of the one-year plan is $106.65, but using our unique discount link, you can get the plan at only $39.95, which costs $3.33 per month. 

The plan comes with all the perks of Trust Zone and supports three websites simultaneously. 

Tap on our exclusive link here to avail the discount right away! 

If you are unsure about Trust Zone, you can get an excellent three days free trial. Although it doesn’t give any free trial, by clicking on the link Here, you can get a free three days trial to test out their services. After the trial period, you can make the purchase using our unique discount link without any hassle. 

Why should I buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? 

Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are known for the massive discounts offered by all the companies across the world. 

Trust Zone also ensures that it actively rolls out the best discounts and deals for users across the globe to get the VPN services without leaving their wallets empty. 

One of the prime reasons to buy on Trust Zone on Black Friday/Cyber Monday is that you get up to a 74% discount on its two-year plan. In addition, you can add additional services at a discounted price. 

While you may come across various discounts during holidays, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals bring the most value and best discounts. 

Furthermore, you can grab the annual plan with a 64% discount if you do not want to go for the two-year plan. You can save 64%-74% with the best VPN service. What else do we need? 

Lastly, because the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals offer crazy discounts, they are available only for a specific period. So, make sure to click on the link above and make your purchase right away!

How to buy a Trust zone With a Maximum Deal? [Buying Steps] 

If you want to get a maximum discount on Trust Zone, you can go for their two years plan, which will cost you $55.99 for two years. 

Follow the steps below to buy Trust Zone with the maximum discount. 

Important note: If you are already using a VPN service, make sure to turn it off to avoid problems while making the purchase. Secondly, make sure to log in or register your account (you can do this by directly connecting your social media network). 

Step 1: Click on our special discount link Here, or you can go to the official website of Trust Zone and head to their official account. 

Step 2: Scroll down and select the mode of payment at your convenience. 

Note: you can also pick additional services from the available list when you scroll down or stick to the plan. However, you will be charged for these services for which the prices are mentioned beside each feature/service. 

Step 3: Agree to their terms and conditions by tapping on the box. 

Step 4: Click on the “Buy Now!” option. 

Step 5: You will now be redirected to the checkout page. Here, you can see the total amount you need to pay. Scroll down and fill in all the personal details for the billing information as asked on your screen. 

Step 6: On the right-hand side of your screen, you select the mode of payment. Enter all the payment details. Because you have already selected the payment method before, it will already be set as a default. However, you can also pick another payment method if you want. 

Step 7: Click on Submit Order. 

Congratulations! You can now browse the internet safely with Trust Zone and that too, at a pocket-friendly price. 

How to install Trust Zone one Pc/Mobile?

Below we have covered a step-by-step guide to install and set up Trust Zone on various devices. 

  1. For Windows 10: 

Step 1: Click on the Downloads folder on your PC. 

Step 2: Find Trust Zone and right-click on it to open the context menu. 

Step 3: Tap on Run as administrator, and the installation process will start. 

Step 4: A Trust Zone pop-up will appear on your screen. Now click on Next > Next > Finish. 

Step 5: Now, windows will ask you to choose a location for a new network. Select Public network

Step 6: Tap on the close button to shut down the directory window.

Step 7: Next step is to connect to the Trust Zone server. To do this, click on the servers option on the right side. 

Step 8: Now, select the server you want and tap on the connect button once done. 

Step 9: Wait until your Trust Zone icon turns green. Once it turns green, you are now successfully connected to Trust Zone’s server. 

  1. For Mac OS X: 

Step 1: Go to your System Preference by clicking on the apple logo at the top-right of your home screen. 

Step 2: Tap on the Network option. 

Step 3: Click on the “+” icon at the bottom-left. 

Step 4: Now, tap on the “interface” option and select “VPN.” 

Step 5: Select L2TP over IPSec for VPN type. Then, set your service name to Trust.Zone-VPN. Once done, click on “create.”

Step 6: Set server address as and under the account name put neeut. 

Step 7: Once done, tap on the Authentication Settings option. 

Step 8: In the password bar, enter “TenFqCBK”, and on the shared secret menu, enter trust zone. Once done, tap on the “Ok” option. 

Step 9: Tap on the Advanced option at the right bottom. 

Step 10: Select Send all traffic over VPN connection and tap Ok

Step 11: Now, tap on Apply at the bottom. 

Step 12: Click on the connect option. 

Step 13: Once the server is connected, you will see the status in the menu bar. Additionally, if you want to manage your VPN connection, you can do it anytime in the network settings. 

  1. For Android 

Step 1: Install Trust.Zone from Google Play Store on your mobile. 

Step 2: Log in to your Trust.Zone account with the same account from which you made the purchase or used on the website. 

Step 3: Now, click on the Trust Zone icon on your screen. Now, Trust Zone automatically connects to the fastest and closest server. 

Step 4: Now click on the servers option and select your choice of country. 

  1. For iOS 

Step 1: Download Trust.Zone from the Apple Store on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Log in to your Trust.Zone account using the same email address as you use on the Trust zone website. 

Step 3: Tap on the immense Trust.Zone icon on your screen. 

Step 4: Go to the servers option and choose the VPN location of your choice. 

Trust Zone Black friday FAQS 

Where can I get the latest Trust Zone coupon code?

You can get all the latest Trust Zone coupon codes and deals in this article. Currently, we have covered the latest deals of Trust Zone. We keep the article updated with the latest promo codes and deals, make sure to check out this article for the latest updates.

Can I use the trust zone offer as an existing subscription? 

No, you will have to purchase a new subscription to use the offer.

Is it safe to use a cracked version of Trust Zone?

We will highly not recommend users to use the cracked version of Trust Zone. Although you might feel that it is perfect in the beginning, the reality will be exposed soon. The cracked version comes with various consequences, including viruses, security issues, and more. We recommend making purchases of Trust Zone and using it with legitimate methods only.

Can I try the Trust zone for Free?

You cannot get the Trust Zone for free for the long term. However, they are currently offering a three days trial offer with 1GB data transfer and 143 locations. After three days, if you are satisfied, you can purchase with a significant discount using the link above.

How can I get a free trial offer?

To try out the Trust Zone three days free trial offer, tap on the link here. You will only be able to use the free version for three days. After the trial ends, you can purchase the premium plans. 

Is there any student discount?

We did our research, and we found that there is no student discount currently by Trust Zone. However, you can grab the plan with an 80% discount using the discount link above.

Where can I get a TrustZone lifetime offer?

Unfortunately, there is no lifetime offer by Trust Zone. The maximum duration of the purchase of a Trust Zone is two years.

Trust Zone Friday offer is valid for how many days? 

The current sale is live for only two days. So, make sure to grab this deal before it expires. If you miss this deal, we will keep the article updated with other latest deals of Trust Zone so that you never miss out on a good opportunity.


Trust.Zone is a secure VPN service provider with outstanding features and affordable pricing.

However, with the ongoing sale, you can get up to 74% off with its two-year plan and 64% off with its annual plan. 

What’s better than grabbing a feature-rich and highly secure VPN service at this massive discount? So, make sure to grab this offer as it is available only for a limited time. 

We hope our article helped you in grabbing Trust.Zone Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Over to you, which plan did you pick? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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